Xenon lamp spectrum

Naast een bijna continu spectrum aan zichtbaar licht, bevat de uitgezonden straling bij xenonlampen ook ultraviolet licht. A xenon arc lamp is a specialized type of gas discharge lamp, an electric light that produces. The output of a pure xenon short-arc lamp offers fairly continuous spectral power distribution with a color temperature of about 6200K and color .

VergelijkbaarVertaal deze paginaMercury-xenon lamps produce high radiant energy especially in the ultraviolet. Compared to xenon lamps, the radiant spectrum in the ultraviolet region of . Spectral Intensity of the Xenon Lamp. Our Spectral Calibration Lamps are Compact and Conve-.

Spectral Calibration Lamp In 636Lamp Holder,. Xenon air lamp and a typical lamp housing. The primary performance difference between mercury-vapor and.

Xenon lamps is in the color spectra of the light they emit. A Xenon lamp emits a fairly flat .