Virtual ground

In electronics, a virtual ground (or virtual earth) is a node of a circuit that is maintained at a steady reference potential, without being connected directly to the . What-is-meant-by-virtual-ground-in-an-o. VergelijkbaarVertaal deze paginaLet’s consider a basic Inverting Amplifier.

Fig : Inverting amplifier with feedback. Therefore, the inverting terminal is said to be at Virtual Ground. Let’s say there’s V across this circuit.

The idea of a virtual ground makes some simplifying assumptions, giving us an elegant and simple way to.

Virtual ground refers to a circuit element not directly connected to groun held at a reference voltage. This reference voltage need not be the . Virtual Ground concept is very useful in analysis of an opamp when negative feedback is employe simplifies calculations and derivations. In closed loop configuration, the two input terminals of the op-amp are equal. In Virtual Ground nodigen we je uit om een soort spiegelinstrument onder je ogen te houden en te wandelen.

Zo lijkt het alsof je over het plafond loopt, . To cope with the problem of not being able to generate negative voltages, a virtual ground is used. The virtual ground is simply a voltage reference that is .