Turret board

Turret boards were an early attempt at making electronic circuits that were relatively rugge producible, and serviceable in the days before printed circuit boards . This tutorial will show you how to create your own turret boar to be used in building a guitar amplifier. I’ll cover a procedure for cutting the .

Find great deals on for Turret Board in Vintage Audio and Video Parts and Accessories. In Part of How To Build a Turret Boar Rob Hull shows you how to make your holes through a variety of. Turret Board – Blank, 1Holes, 10-⅛ x 2-⅝.

Turret board material, tag boards and tag strip.

Blank GPOboard for making turret boards. Eyelet for DIY projects or modifications of Fender style fiberboards. Eyelet board for the electrolytic capacitors in the power.

Tag Board With Dual Connection Terminals. Bifurcated Screw-On Gold Turret Lugs for Epoxy Board.