Transistor bc547

Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise. BC54 BC5Datasheet, BC5NPN General Purpose Transistor Datasheet, buy BC547. BC5is an NPN bi-polar junction transistor.

A transistor, stands for transfer of resistance, is commonly used to amplify current. The BC5is a general-purpose NPN bipolar junction transistor commonly used in European. The BC5variant rarely is available in the C gain group, and the BC5rarely in the A gain group.

High Voltage VCEO=65V; Low Noise: BC54BC550; Complement to BC556.

Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. ON Semiconductor, BC54 Amplifier Transistors(NPN Silicon). BC5NPN transistor, Voor gebruik in diverse projecten. One element that has revolutionized the technology in the past decade is known by its name Transistor.

Transistors have enabled some of humankind’s biggest . BC5Transistor Datasheet pdf, BC5Equivalent. BC5data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Continental Device India Limite 0. W General Purpose NPN Plastic Leaded Transistor. V, 1mA NPN general-purpose transistors.

BC 5= BC5NPN: Transistors stuks. The BC5is an NPN transistor belonging to a group of general-purpose NPN semiconductors. This transistor series further divides into three groups consisting . Aantal: – of – Verlanglijst Vergelijken. Transistor BC5is probably the most elementary of the available electronic active components and yet becomes the basic, vital building block . Buy Magnatec BC5NPN Bipolar Transistor, 0. A, V, 3-Pin TO-BC5or other Bipolar Transistors online from RS for next day delivery on your order . Browse our latest Bipolar Transistors offers. BC5NPN Transistor, Buy it Online in Hyderabad and with shipping across all major Indian Cities and States.

A BC5transistor is a negative-positive-negative (NPN) transistor that is used for many purposes. Together with other electronic components, . These are high quality BJT NPN transistors that work well with audio applications, made by ST Micro.