Tormax automatic handleiding

Bediening met de TORMAX bedieningseenheid. Als de handleiding door frequent gebruik onleesbaar is geworden, bestelt u dan een . This document has validity for automatic TORMAX door systems with TCP control systems of types TCP 5 TCP 51LC or TCP 101.

Bediening met de 3-standenschakelaar. TORMAX is een van de grootste fabrikanten van automatische deuren ter wereld. NOTE: TORMAX AUTOMATIC RECOMMENDS THE USE OF A.

TORMAX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic doors. Operating Instructions SWINGDOOR Drive TDA, TDM T-9e. Operating Instructions for automatic swing doors with. TORMAX control system TCP 5 TCP 52 . TORMAX door system and assume that the system was installed and tested by. This document is applicable for sliding doors with TORMAX automatic door . This document is applicable to automatic TORMAX doors of type.

The TORMAX operator Win Drive 22is built according to the current state of technol-.

Manual Controls for Swing Door Operators Model: Manual Controls for Swing Door. TORMAX 75- Sensor System for Automatic Doors . ICU Manual Sliding and Swinging Doors: INTENSIVE CARE UNIT MANUAL SLIDING DOORS . Operating Instructions for Automatic Sliding Doors. TORMAX: TORMAX all-glass manual revolving doors, combined with low-energy automatic swing doors for disabled access.

Tormax – Manual disengagement inside by transmission bar for Lock (95). Automatic registration of system-specific data for constant motion sequence. Automatic swing doors are very practical: they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual doors can be rapidly automated without complication.

For Automatic Swing Doors with Drive.