Thd hotplate

To optimize tone and function, the impedance should be the same on your amplifier, Hot Plate and speaker cabinet. If you are unsure which Hot Plate to buy, . THD Hot Plate Ohms Purple attenuator kopen?

I’ve been playing with my Hot Plate for more than a year now and ever since I’ve started using it, I felt that I was missing something in my tone . Ik heb mij een old skool laney plexi-style versterker gekocht van 100w! Het beest scheurt en blaast en verwoest alles wat er voor staat. Wel die heerlijk warme buizensound willen maar niet op vol volume willen spelen vanwege.

Try anything but a THD hot plate, i own one and it doesn’t do much to tame the beast! I use a podxt or digitech 21for effects and to help get . Find great deals for THD Hot Plate Power Attenuator Ohm. I wanted to demo what I think is the most useful tone tool out there that very few guys use or even know about.