Smd marking code

To look up a coded device, click on the first character of the device code in the table on . Smd code search engines, Semiconductor Database, All Datasheet, Transistor, Diode, Capacitor. SMD-codes for semiconductor components in and more pins cases.

SMD devices are, by their very nature, too small to. This is revision of the list of marking codes for MCC’s SMD devices. Identification of SMD codes,Identify SMD electronic components by their marking codes,like bipolar and MOSFET.

Here you can download the SMD code book that shows SMD marking codes for almost every surface-mount device available on the market.

A 1PS30 1PS30 SOT-32 High Speed Double Diodes. A Q, 2PD1820AQ, SOT-32 NPN general purpose transistor. KyteLabs InfoBase – Semiconductor Data, Last modified: 2016-11-(18644). Vorige Seite – Previous Page, Seitenanfang – Top of Page, Inhalt – Table of .