Shuguang tubes

Large selection in stock and ready to ship! We are adding back in KT88-Z, 6CA7-Z (EL34), 300B-Z, CV181-Z (exact replacement of 6SN7) and the . Instead of typical tech talk about a new tube launch, this time we have a story to tell about the type replica tube’s birth… by Steve Berger, .

So my amp is long overdue to get re-tubed and it really hasn’t been a issue since I don’t play as much as I use to. Lt one of well known large-scale leading. And the tubes are sold very well at home and in more than countries and regions . SG_6SN7_SE 6SN7-SE GLOBE, Shuguang Treasure Series SG-6SN7-SE.

Two Shuguang WE8tubes, factory matched PAIR, retested and. The Finest Chinese Shuguang and Psvane Audio Tubes. Shuguang manufacturers vacuum tubes only up to 1983.

After then, as the tube demand dropped substantially, the group started joint venture with LG to . Shuguang manufactures percent of the world’s tubes. They make more than different types of power output tubes alone, plus of course many preamplifier, . You can Online Wholesale shuguang tubes,12bhtube,5u4g tube,6aktube,,Wholesale Consumer Electronics,Home Amplifier,Home Improvement,Electronic .