Sensor spot

SensorSpot richt zich op het ontwerp, ontwikkeling en engineering van hardware en software voor fysische en (bio)chemische sensoren. SensorSpot is an engineering company with a focus on design, development and production of hardware and software for physical and (bio) chemical sensors .

SPOT (Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre). The SPOT (Satellites Pour l’Observation de la Terre or Earth-observing Satellites) remote-sensing programme . The most versatile version of optical sensors are our sensor spots. Here the indicator dye is coated on a small round foil layer, with a diameter of usually mm.

The System Sensor spot detector line covers a vast array of needs in commercial or residential applications. We offer conventional and intelligent products for .

SPOT-offers greatly enhanced capabilities, which provide additional cost-effective imaging solutions. The coverage offered by SPOT-is a key asset. Oxygen sensor spots allow contactless oxygen measurements within closed containers through a transparent window (plastic or glass). Are you getting frustrated with seeing small dark spots in your images that seem to show up in every image? If you see them consistently in the . A single-sensor probe precisely measures the surface temperature of solids.

Probe beam Probe spot Object Scanning (a) Sensor beam Sensor beams Scanning (b) Lens (d) Sensors d d Sensors Sensor Source (c) Sensor beams . AVTECH’s Flood Sensor (Spot) provides real-time recognition of flood or water and includes specially designed electronics that allow it to interface with Room . When liquid collects underneath the blue housing, it bridges the 2 . Use sensor with spot elements at different heights for average temperature calculation. Include integrated water level sensor for free water level.