Rothwell attenuators

Naar mijn bescheiden mening is één van de grootste blunders in de audiogeschiedenis het tot standaard verheffen van het uitgangssignaal . Here’s the solution to a problem from which far too many audiophiles suffer – too much gain in the system. The symptoms are easy enough to spot – the volume is .

Hi, I’m considering using some Rothwells. Can anyone advise me of the pros and cons of this ? The Rothwell In-Line Attenuators are the answer.

These audiophile devices simply plug into any input sockets and reduce signal levels by 10dB. Has anyone had any experience with these? Just the normal problem at low levels, ie background music, that the balance goes, sometimes . The sole role of your Hi-Fi system is to extract the information recorded on your source material and generate sufficient power to drive . The Rothwell attenuators are quite simple really. They are a male RCA plug on one en and a female RCA at the other.

Inside the attenuator is a ladder type . En zie daar mijn kennismaking met de Rothwell Attenuators. Eén van de (naar mijn mening) fouten die ooit in de audiowereld gemaakt is, is het .

Strictly speaking, an attenuator rather that a connector, the Rothwell device addresses the problem of excess gain that is present in many systems, a problem . After having lived with the Rothwell attenuator for a few months, I started to get the feeling that there is not enough transparency in my system. If you want something neutral and transparent get the Endler or EVS attenuators. I have had all three of these and the EVS are the best.

It was something I’d just not really thought about until I stumbled across an old review of the Rothwell Attenuators in a back issue of HiFi+. Anybody have experience with Rothwell attenuators? I used both Rothwell fixed attenuators,and also an Audio Synthesis passive pre,when I had input stages on a couple of amps which were . De nieuwe luxe Rothwell ingangsverzwakkers brengen het signaal met -10dB omlaag.

So, if you recognise the symptoms of excess gain in your system, the Rothwell attenuators are the answer. Dont be put off by the fact that you could pay much .