Qube light

Qube Smart LED Multi-Color Wi-Fi Light Bulb allows you to control and personalise your lighting at home. With Qube, you can set your lights to gently wake you up to the color of your choice when your alarm rings in the morning. With a couple taps, you can change the lighting to whatever suits your mood or situation.

You download the app for free after buying the Qube light bulb. The Qube Smart Bulb and Qube Smart Light Strip with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have arrived to make smart home lighting more cost-effective. Qube says you’ll be able to trigger automated lighting changes whenever you enter or leave each bulb’s Bluetooth range. Being sold through an Indiegogo campaign, Qube’s Smart Light Strips are touted as a “truly affordable way” for customers to enter the smart .

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up to a cool blue light during a sunny morning and come home to a warm sunset lighting mood in the evening? These are the best smartbulbes and smart home lighting projects. Projects featured are Qube smart bulb.

Check out Qube, an affordable smart light bulb that can do everything you’d expect out of a smart light. Introducing the Qube Light Strip, a fully flexible and expandable smart lighting solution that fits into any part of your home, at a more affordable . The Qube smart bulb, which is designed to fit in any standard. The Qube is an upcoming smart bulb.

Like most smart bulbs, all you need to do is screw the Qube into any light socket and pair it with the iOS, . The Singapore and US-based startup Qube wants to introduce affordable lighting solutions to households.

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This week’s CES sees a host of new smart home products announced for 2017. In amongst them are Qube’s range of smart LED Light Strips . You may have seen it in the movies, but smart lighting does not have to cost the earth and the Qube smart lighting strip is aiming to become one .