Pile testing

Need Minimum strain measurements per pile to compensate for bending. Pile foundation is a substructure working underneath the ground surface. We don’t often pay attention to its existence when it is transferring load.

Ranging from inventive pile testing methods to innovative geotechnical monitoring equipment, we are continuously striving to make the best technology . A pile is a slender element cast in the ground or driven into it. Since pile construction as well as the final product are mostly invisible, engineers have often . Strainstall provide a range of highly accurate pile testing services that are critical in verifying foundation design and integrity.

This specification deals with the testing of a pile by the application of an. The PILE DRIVING ANALYZER system (PDA) The driving hammer itself is used to perform High Strain. The PILE DRIVING ANALYZER (PDA) is the most widely employed system for Dynamic Load Testing of Deep Foundations and for Pile Driving Monitoring.

We have extensive experience in dynamically testing piles. Using a pile driving analyser (PDA) we can measure the capacity, driving stresses and integrity of . Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) is widely used measurement method to check the integrity of concrete foundation piles. It is a non-destructive method to reduce the . History of Dynamic Pile Testing; Measuring stress waves; Fundamentals of Wave Mechanics; The Case Method (Pile Driving Analyzer). Modules enable you to calculate the impedance of the pile test cap and pile shaft separately and analyse each blow individually to determine dynamic reaction . Testconsult is a specialist provider of pile integrity testing techniques to assess the condition of concrete pile foundations. By virtue of its installation within the foundation member, the O-cell load test is not restricted by the limits of overhead structural beams and tie-down piles.

McDonnell Piling Foundations offer a variety of static testing methods to ensure accurate and economic solution for your needs. Wagstaff Piling uses the latest in stress wave analysis techniques to assess the quality of the installed foundation system. The Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA), . Grouting Services offers both compression testing of ground anchors and piles.

As part of the DART project, Grouting Services was engaged to carry out a . Dynamic Load Testing (DLT) is a frequently used worldwide technique to evaluate the bearing capacity of piles.