Panasonic wm 61a

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Back electret type designed for high . It’s the upgrade version of WM-60A with better sensitivity and a few dB lower noise. Procedure for wire linkwitz modification of the Panasonic WM-61A electret condenser capsule.

Binnenkort bij ons verkrijgbaar, de vermaarde Panasonic WM-61A microfoon capsule. Ze zijn nu vanuit voorraad leverbaar (12-03). However, the project specified requires the panasonic WM-61A, . Here’s the ultimate budget mic for ambient recording, a DIY ‘binaural’ array using a pair of Panasonic WM. Panasonic Electronic Components WM-61A. Panasonic Electret Capsule WM-61A.

Nature recordists seem to love the Panasonic WM-61a capsules. But do these have any serious flaws for close recording of human voice? A replacement is the WM-61A (P9925-ND).

When the cartridge is connected as described by Panasonic it produces fairly high distortion at . Picked up a few WM-61a capsules for use in a stealthy binaural recording rig for gigs and such. I’ve performed the 2-wire Linkwitz mod on a . I have some panasonic wm61a electrets id like to build some mics with and was wondering if anyone had build one that they use regularly for .