Optomechanics can refer to: the sub-field of physics involving the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation (photons) with mechanical systems via . For more than years Newport has manufactured the world’s most comprehensive line of optical mounts and mechanics. Our precision opto-mechanics help .

The field of cavity optomechanics is reviewed. This field explores the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and nanomechanical or . Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to our extensive Optomechanical product line, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Optomechanics ideal for providing stability as well as accuracy while mounting or positioning optical components are available at Edmund Optics. This is a relatively new research fiel typically referred to as optomechanics.

Over the past years we have shown some promising towards the goal of full . Find the latest research, reviews and news about Optomechanics from across all of the Nature journals. A Fabry-Perot type cavity optomechanical system in a dilution refrigerator. Optical setup for controlling micromechanical oscillators in cavity optomechanics.