Okimat motor replacement

This video is about Repairing Okimat Maxidrive Adjustable Bed Motors Troubleshooting Video. This video is about How to Repair an Okimat adjustable bed motor commonly found o Leggett Platt. It is also called an Oki motor or an Okimat motor.

To install one, you remove the doors, push it up on the bed and replace the doors. This auction is for an Okin motor. It is usually black but can also be gray or white.

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Since Leggett Platt subsidizes the replacement parts, repairing your adjustable bed will cost. Then I replaced the motor and massagers in less than an hour. OKIMAT BED MOTOR This is a brand new replacement bed motor to raise and lower bed.

He then looked at the bigger part of the bed (Okimat unit by Okin) and noticed. I have not had much luck finding ANY replacement motor yet.