Nixie tube clock kit

We are delighted to announce a new Copper Anodised case for our FunKlock Kit. Precision CNC machined from solid 60gradeĀ . DIY KIT with boards, electronics parts and nixie tubes for Nixie Tubes Clock on IN-tubes.

Finest quality Nixie clock and tube kits made in Germany. Nixie Tube Clock Kits : Nixie Tube Clock Kits,rh:pvelectronics. Nixie clock kit with IN-nixie tubes.

Nixie Tube Clock Kits,rh:pvelectronics.

Large Tube Nixie Clock Kits : Nixie Tube Clock Kits,rh:pvelectronics. Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Kop iets ongewoons, met unieke items voor nixie tube clock van duizenden onafhankelijke ontwerpers. The nixie clock is crammed full of features with a PIC microcontroller at its heart.

Direct drive, static scanning(NOT DYNAMIC SCANNING, EXTEND TUBES LIFESPAN) Gold PlatingĀ . Features: Time and Date are shown (date can be disabled).