Mi light installation

Milight Wifi Box will allow you to control your Milight lights from anywhere in the. Installation is easy Simply unplug your old bulb and plugin the Milight. G Milight ELED Bulb REVIEW Set-Up.

Mi-Light For my setup I used the following components: 1x Mi-Light WIFI WLAN Controller Bridge; 2x Mi-Light RGB LED Stripe Controller . Wi-Fi compatible LED controller, you can have complete Wi-Fi. Welcome to use Mi- light LED Bulb with Remote Control System. Easy Operation, please install Mi – light LED Bulb just the way as the common.

Important: Read all instructions prior to installation. Modes feature different color combinations, light. Installation des Gerätes für den Betrieb als eigenständiges Netzwerk (A).

Netzwerken wählen Sie „mi light“ aus und verbinden Ihr Gerät mit diesem Netzwerk.