Ma lighting dot2

De nieuwe range stuurtafels van MA Lighting – Ontworpen voor kleine en middelgrote projecten en installaties, biedt dotgeavanceerde functionaliteit met een . Now MA presents a new range of compact lighting control solutions – the dot2. The dotrange consists of three lighting consoles; dotcore, dotXL-F, dot2 .

MA dotXL-B stuurtafel met geintegr. MA Lighting dotXL-F lighting control console. The dotXL-F is a compact lighting console Designed for small to medium productions and provides up to 4096 . MA Lighting ACT Lighting presents a new compact range of modular lighting control solutions – the MA dot2.

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De nieuwe DOTreeks van MA Lighting bestaat uit een ‘core’ en XL versies. The new dotrange of compact lighting consoles from MA Lighting is designed to offer a simple yet powerful lighting control system. Enjoy the ease of MA Lighting software in a compact console or on your PC. Available in three console models or the PC + dotNodeoption, every product in . MA Lighting a crée le meilleur environnement avec une parfaite combinaison de. Une console dotXLF est strictement identique à une console dotcore . MA Lighting has released its latest dotsoftware, 1. The release includes additional pre-defined position effects and several bug fixes, . The dotNode(1K) is the easy way to access four DMX outputs from a dotconsole.

The dotNode(1K) connects to a dotconsole or dotonPC softw. Intuitive operation is the core of the dotphilosophy and with a comprehensive set of connectivity hardware on all console models, the dotrange is. It is designed to offer many of the same functions as you’ll find on a full MA console, . MA LIGHTING DOTTRAINING multiple dates.

FACE organizes hands-on training sessions where you can discover all features of MA lighting’s dotlighting . FACE organizes hands-on training sessions where you can discover all features of MA lighting’s dotlighting consoles. Our certified MA Lighting experts guide .