Kind led grow light

KIND LED Indoor Grow Lights Full Band Spectrum produce the best yields. KIND LED lights run more efficiently, use half the electricity of double ended HPS. Presenteert KIND LED kweek lampen.

Na jaren van grondig onderzoek en ontwikkeling resulteerde in het onstaan van KIND LED kweeklampen. KL6LED grow lightMet grote trots presenteren wij de KIND LED kweeklampen. Deze LED kweeklampen komen uit Amerika en staan bekend als 39 . Met grote trots presenteren wij de KIND LED kweeklampen.

KL6LED kweeklamp VEGETATOR -. Get the BEST deal on Kind LED Grow Lights when you buy from us! Free shipping and no sales tax in the ConUS. The XL10boasts a customizable spectrum, light stages, and built in timing. Covers sq ft and replaces a 10watt HPS. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields, while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually . Comparison of popular LED grow lights vs HPS vs Kind LED grow lights, in Lumens, PAR, and Spectrum.

Kind LED introduces the Kseries grow lights. The KSeries is comprised of the perfect mix of Watt.