Overview of all the intellijel modules launched at NAMM 20by DivKid2017. Divkid has kindly made a nice overview of all the new modules we launched . Intellijel – manufacturer page on ModularGrid.

All their Eurorack modules, news and contact info. Intellijel is a productive Canadian manufacturer which became very important by their affordable and good Eurorack modules. Intellijel Rainmaker standalone HP set if sold out: ordered on request Especcialy for non eurorack users who wants a MIDI controlled Rainmaker effect with . Intellijel Designs – Atlantis, Modular, Eurorack-Modules, Sound-Generation, Synth-voice, Intellijel Designs.

Creators of electronic musical instruments and modular synthesizers. The Korgasmatron II builds off the success of the original Korgasmatron but adds many new features. After more than three years of developing and tweaking the fundamental synthesis blocks needed Intellijel is very pleased to present his new module : Atlantis . A modular synthesizer manufacturer producing modules in the Eurorack format. They are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Intellijel were one of the earliest . We worked out an agreement with Ryk earlier this year to create an the only official Eurorack adaptation of his brilliant sequencer design.

Introducing the Intellijel Mutamix, the successor to the now discontinued Mutagen. I went through many iterations and design changes to arrive at this final .

Canadian company that designs and manufactures electronic music devices and specializes in Eurorack format modular synthesis. Patch Cables – Pack Assorted Colors 12″ (30cm). Patch Cables – Pack Assorted Colors 24″ (60cm). For a complete knob you need knob and cap. Simple sequence with Intellijel’s Metropolis showcasing the aux in used to change the root of the scale via.

The 84HP 4U case by Intellijel can be rack mounted with optional rack ears and is made of durable and light aluminum. The 1U row at the top of the case if . U x 104HP TPS30W MAX Powered Case. U x 42HP TPS30W MINI Powered Case. Intellijel are a well-loved name behind many crazy synthesizer modules those in Eurorack synth circles know.

Atlantis Dual OSC Synth Voice Module SYN0004868-000. Our aim, by establishing a good customer base, is to develop a showroom facility in London for hands-on knob-twiddling of all our Eurorack modules.