In 18 nixie tube

Find great deals on for IN-Nixie in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. A wonderful great looking Nixie tube, made in the eighties and nineties. IN-clock kit – one pcb version.

Nixie Clock kit for IN-tubes incl. We have developed a totally new clock . IN-(ИН-18) IN-(ИН-4) Nixie Tube Socket and blue floor lighting. The socket provides the opportunity to apply the included mm LEDs .

IN-1 Large beautiful nixie tube. IN-is largest Russian nixe tube. These tubes become extremelly rare in these days due their beaut. The kit contains all required electronic parts, both PCBs and Digi-Key receptacles for tube’s pins. A worthy successor to our popular LTC-kit, this new kit has . YOU ARE BUYING 1PCS IN-NIXIE TUBE.

Rare xUSSR made Nixie Tube IN-is very popular legendary tube.