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Find great deals on for IN-Nixie in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Vergleichstypen, Substitudes, IN-12B (mit PL, with PL). Nixie Tube Clock Kits IN-Nixie Tube – End view Nixie Tube.

New, old stock tubes from former Soviet Union. The tube i’ve used is an IN-12A, but a B variant can be used as well (or any other nixie tube with the proper circuit modifications). A time has come for me to say ‘hello’ to the mid-XX century technology of Neon numerical displays, also known as Nixie tubes.

These are top view Russian Nixie Tubes, Digits are approx 18mm or.

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Contribute to IN-12-Nixie-Clock development by creating an account on GitHub. Unterschied zwischen den beiden Typen: Die IN-12B besitzt einen Dezimalpunkt.

Ein Link zur Nixie-Seite von Jan Wuesten – bei ihm kann man diese schöne . Key features: Fully assembled and tested Nixie Clock without tubes Six 18mm high digits (IN-Russian Nixie Tubes) l. It’s pretty obvious from the silkscreen on the PCB that the IN-footprint is designed for an IN-socket. I thought that the nixie pins I ordered .