Hue iris vs bloom

Ich wollte die Wand hinter mit farbiger bekommen, dafür habe ich getestet, ob es auf die Größe ankommt. HTG Reviews the Philips Hue Lux: Frustration Free Smart Bulbs for the. It’s not quite as bright as the Iris, since the Bloom only pushes out 120 .

These Philips Hue lights are confusingly similar. Both of these multi-color fixtures paint your . Do any of you have experience in using both the bloom and the Iris lights? I currently have blooms but im in the market for another light.

I’m already using Hue Alamps in my living and dining room but want to. I’d probably go with the bloom or the iris. It is portable, so it can be used both a wall-washer when plugged to mains (similarly to Hue Iris and hue Bloom) and as a centre piece when unplugged from . Products and Specifications for Philips Hue Go, Hue Iris, and Hue Bloom. I needed another light in the Philips Hue system, and grabbed an Iris rather than another Bloom, mostly because I was curious about what the .