Heterodyne is het verschijnsel dat bij niet-lineaire menging van twee harmonische signalen, componenten ontstaan met frequenties die combinaties zijn van de . Heterodyning is a radio signal processing technique invented in 19by Canadian inventor-engineer Reginald Fessenden that creates new frequencies by . A heterodyne is a circuit that transfers a signal from one carrier wave to another with a different frequency.

It mixes the input signal with a wave . A working definition of heterodyning: To generate new frequencies by mixing two or more signals in a nonlinear . Heterodyne definition, noting or pertaining to a method of changing the frequency of an incoming radio signal by adding it to a signal generated within the . Having alternating currents of two different frequencies that are combined to produce two new frequencies, the sum and difference of the original frequencies, . This article is about the noble lineage. For the residence, see Castle Heterodyne. Agatha Heterodyne is the main character and eponymous Girl Genius. Staat je antwoord er niet bij of heb je een vraag waarbij het vertaalwoordenboek geen hulp kan bieden? Optical heterodyne detection is a highly sensitive method of photodetection, reaching the standard quantum limit even for weak signal powers.

Using this heterodyne detection, it should be possible to directly measure the precession of a magnetic moment. In an actual experiment either the frequency of . Heterodyne detection schemes are widely used to detect and analyse high-frequency signals, which are unmeasurable with conventional . Heterodyne and homodyne interferometry. Director General Manager, Laser Calibration Products Division.