Height measuring app

Smart Measure is het tweede deel van de Smart Tools collectie (afstan hoogte). De afstandsmeter meet de afstand en hoogte van een voorwerp met uw . Easy Height Measure allows you to accurately estimate vertical distances with the aid of your devices camera and internal accelerometer.

Software uses devices accelerometer and trigonometrical equations to estimate distance to a tree and tree height. When measuring the height you can choose . The app is basically used to measure person’s height. This app uses sensors installed in mobile devices. This app specifically uses accelerometer and magnetic . Have you wanted to measure your friends or your children height but lacked tape measure? Discover the top 1best height distance apps for ios free and paid.

Too Big Too Far: Height and Distance Measurement Tool A tree too tall to measure. This app makes taking measurements a snap. With this tool you can measure the distance and height of an object. Another app on the market, Bubble level, appears to be more popular.

The three measurements needed to calculate the height of a tree.