Fusible resistor

Metal Film Resistors, Axial, Special Purpose, Fusible, Flameproof, Resistors, . Dave inspects a multimeters input protection he talks about fuse resistors. But what is a fuse resistor and what it’s used for in a .

Passive Components are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, datasheets for fusible resistor Passive Components. The resistor will fuse safely with 3watts applied. The WMO-S series of metal oxide resistors has proved very effective in this application, due to their energy .

Feitelijk een combinatie van een weerstand en een zekering in component. Deze was waarschijnlijk door een . Maybe a daft question but can I use a resistor in a circuit to act like a fuse. V LIPO cell and the maximum current.

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