Ef86 tube

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The EFis a high transconductance sharp cutoff pentode vacuum tube with Noval (B9A) base for audio-frequency applications. Tube EF or Röhre EFID201 Vacuum Pentode, Noval, B9A and Audio Frequency shown. The Svetlana EFis a version of a small pentode which was popular in Europe for use in hi-fi equipment from 1952 . The EFis the standard early stage audio pre-amplifier valve.

The thin glass tube envelope is mm in diameter and excluding the B9A base pins, is mm . Can anyone explain what the differences are in an amp that uses EFtubes in the pre-amp as opposed to using 12AXpre-amp tubes? EFtube neededberichtendec 2016EFbeing discontinued? EFtube questions and other ramblings.