Crystal led

Crystal LED (CLED) refers to a manufacturing technology of screens. It was invented by Sony and revealed at CES 2012. Sony toonde tijdens CES een inch Crystal LED display welke gebruikmaakt van minuscule rode, groene, en blauwe LED lampjes voor elke pixel.

Cast your minds back, if you can, to CES 20where Sony was promoting a display technology of the future they were terming Crystal LE . Abt Electronics talks to Sony about their new CLEDIS (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) Display at CES 2017. Check out Sony’s Crystal LED Display, shown on a Full H 55. Sony toont op de CES een 55-prototype van een nieuw type scherm.

Het ‘Crystal LED Display’, zoals Sony zijn schermtype noemt, is een full . Crystal IS, Inc is a manufacturer of high-performance UVC LEDs for monitoring, purification, sterilization applications in water, foo air, healthcare. Crystal LED has vanished from Sony’s displays this year, and the company admits it has a tough choice to make. Sony is to release customized 403mm x 453mm boarder-less panels to create large scale format display. In 201 Sony demonstrated a new micro-LED based display technology called Crystal-LED.

These displays use ultra-fine RGB LEDs to create . Sony announced that they are developing a new display technology called Crystal-LED. Crystal-LED uses ultra-fine RGB LEDs to create a . One of our favourite press releases of the 20CES in Las Vegas started like this: “Following the announcement at CES of Sony’s “Crystal LED .

Today during Sony’s CES press conference, Sir Howard Stringer oh-so-casually dropped news about this prototype Crystal LED display they . Sony recently announced a new display technology called Crystal LED that promises a picture with higher contrast, richer colors, better . TE VOORZIEN VAN EEN INTELLIGENTE CAMERA VOOR OPTIMALE BEVEILIGING. Terwijl iedereen zat te wachten op een OLED scherm van groot formaat presenteerde zij een compleet nieuwe technologie: Crystal LED.