Cinterion bgs2t

Cinterion BGS2T Hardware Interface Description. Note from here-on the Cinterion BGS2T (RS232) Terminal will be referred to as ‘GSM Terminal’ or. It provides an easy, plug-and-play solution for M2M .

Plug-and-Play with Most Flexible Mounting. TAINS INFORMATION ON CINTERION PRODUCTS. This documentdescribes the hardware of the Cinterion BGS2T.

GSM modem, terminál Cinterion BGS2T je zařízení určené pro přenos informací prostřednictvím SMS nebo datového IP spojení (GPRS).

GSM terminal Cinterion BGS2T is a device providing information transmission over SMS, internet or private IP networks (GPRS). CINTERION WIRELESS MODULES GMBH GRANTS A NON-EXCLUSIVE. Communication between Customer Application and BGS2T. Plug and play 2G M2M with Minimal Footprint and flexible mounting options.

The BGS2T modem is the latest of the successful Cinterion wireless M2M Module.