Belden 1505a

Detailed Specifications Technical Data. Belden 1505A technical specs and data, from Belden’s website, describing 1505A coax which is available in many configurations at bluejeanscable. Belden 1505A is a smaller version of our favorite all-around cable, Belden 1694A.

Belden 1505A matches 1694A in construction and materials, an like 1694A, . Search all Belden in Bulk Video Cable. Both of these cables are a popular selection among broadcasting professionals and are installed for many of.

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A 01010Belden Wire Cable Coaxial Cables 20AWG 1C SHIELD 1000ft SPOOL BLACK datasheet, inventory, pricing. Belden 1505A SDI-HDTV RGBNC Cable – 2Ft. Buy Belden RGDigital Video Coax Cable 10ft Green features Bulk Video Cable, AWG. Review Belden Bulk Video Cables, Specialty . Sized between 18and 169 Belden’s 1505A cable offers a higher specification than 18whilst reducing the space requirements of a cable loom wired in . A 0105from Belden at Allied Electronics.

Belden 1505A HD-SDI RGVideo Cable with Canare BNC connectors, sweep tested to conform to SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M video format standards.