Argentium silver 9is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93. The traditional sterling alloy (9 silver + copper) is modified by removing . Argentium Silver has a range of unique and superior properties that are beneficial for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Taken from Argentium Silver Company’s Twitter). Marked with the “flying unicorn” logo, Argentium Silver is the brand name patented and . Beste vakgenoten, hebben jullie al gehoord van het nieuwe zilver bij BM. Argentium Silver or Sterling Silver?

Read this educational article to find out why Tungsten World switched from Sterling Silver to Argentium . Working with the new Argentium Sterling Silver is similar to working with traditional sterling, but don’t assume they’re the same. The Argentium 9grades exceed the requirements of sterling silver hallmarking standards and the Argentium 9grades meet the . As a successful artist and instructor who’s used Argentium since . Argentium has some similar properties to standard Sterling Silver, however there are a few unique things about its care that may be unfamiliar to you. See the benefits of making balled head pins from Argentium silver vs sterling silver.