Arduino commands

Arduino programs can be divided in three main parts: structure, values (variables and constants), and functions. To keep it simple, certain exclusions were made that make this a beginner’s reference. Here is a Makefile for compiling and uploading Arduino programs from the command line without the use of the Arduino environment or Java.

This library allows an Arduino board to control RC (hobby) servo motors. Servos have integrated gears and a shaft that can be precisely controlled. These simple programs demonstrate all basic Arduino commands. They span from a Sketch Bare Minimum to Digital and Analog IO, to the use of Sensors and .

This sketch demonstrates running Linux shell commands on a Yún device. This library allows an Arduino board to control LiquidCrystal displays (LCDs) based on the Hitachi HD447(or a compatible) chipset, which is found on most . An Arduino command handler library to use serial messages to call functions and set variables in your Arduino sketch. If you do not know C, no need to worry as only a few commands are needed to perform useful functions.